Our partnership story

The Wright Root


John 's The Wright Root, “Beyond Organic” Market Gardeners.

The business is a modern, progressive market garden based near Coupar Angus.
His philosophy: Grow better not bigger.

He has been on his Beyond Organic farm journey for 30 years, Obtain wonderful harvest. The Wright Root has won the Farm to Fork Award.

Bourtree Jams & Preserves

Bourtree-NEIGHBOUR FOOD-Blairgowrie & Rattray

Jackie  started her amazing jam journey in 2018 in Jackie’s kitchen in Alyth.

She  uses locally sourced produce 

where possible and only the best premium fruit is used in all her jams,marmalade’s, curds and chutneys without any added gelling agents or preservatives.

In particular her strawberry jam taste fruity and actual taste of strawberries.



Alison’s Kitchen provides a wide range of outside catering ideas from small buffets to large functions; hot and cold.  

She also provide a wide range of baked goods and specialise in Gluten Free catering, but if you have other dietary requirements, they can be accommodated. 



John Castley and his team are a wood-fired artisan bakery on the edge of the Scottish Highlands dedicated to the world of genuine sourdough.

Their mission is to supply real bread and pastries of outstanding quality to Scottish homes and tables.

They supply shops, cafés, hotels, restaurants and caterers, and we sell direct to the public through farmers’ markets.

Plastic Free Delivery


Kaja, with two wonderful children, who lives in Highland Perthshire decided to take action with a zero waste lifestyle.

She has started by opening Plastic Free Delivery.

Plastic Free Delivery offer zero waste foods and sustainable products with plastic free packaging. 

Products including Rices,Pastas,Grains,Herbs and spices,Baking and cooking,Cleaning products and Hygiene products etc.

Organic Well tree

Organic Welltree

Sabine and Gundi   make Chutneys, Jams and other preserves with organic ingredients. Seasonal we offer home bakings and sweets. 

They buy their ingredients as locally as possible or we pick them wild in the Strathearn area or in private orchards where no pesticides or chemicals are used.

All their ingredients are what you would use at home. Bio allows 47 additives. 

They use: none at all. They do not decide if there are natural or harmless additives. They simply do not use any. No thickeners or dyes, no flavourings, preservatives or yeast extract.

Coupar Angus Food & Growing Projects

Coupar Angus Food & Growing Projects

Coupar Angus Food & Growing Projects created their first of its Community Gardens back in 2014. 

A further three Community Gardens have now been established in the town where they run loads of activities and events for all ages! 



Clantastic The most fantastic fudge and tablet in Perthshire

Clantastic's fudge is creamy and full of the finest dark chocolate available and 

tablet is so smooth it practically melts in your mouth.  

They use only the most natural and authentic ingredients to add flavour and 

texture to Clantastic goodies and keep those nasty chewy or chalky shelflife-extenders far away from these fabulous creations.



D & B Grant is a family run business specialising in strawberries, raspberries and blackberries traditionally grown in soil so they taste as you remember them.

D&B Grant are located in the heart of rural Perthshire three miles from Blairgowrie in an area 

famous for quality fruit growing of unsurpassed flavour. 

Location in this long established favoured area for soft fruit has influenced demand and 

determined the level of our expansion as growers over the past few years.

Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd

Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd

Thomas Thomson are a family company dedicated to growing the finest soft fruit and delivering it to the customer in the best condition. 

Thomas Thomson used to produce strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, as well as less common crops like red and white currants and 


However, theyare now concentrating only on blueberries, cherries and aronia, and with these crops they find that their season in Scotland produces the finest fruit in the world at that time.

Incheoch Farms

Incheoch Farms

At Incheoch we aim to produce Functional, Efficient and Robust breeding stock for other livestock farmers. 

This upland Perthshire farm is the home to the Working Genes ram sale and the Dirnanean herds of Luing and Simmental cattle.