Local loyalty scheme

The HEAT Project has been awarded grant funding from The Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund to increase the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the local market by helping to develop a loyalty scheme that will encourage people to shop and use services available in Blairgowrie, Rattray and the Glens.  


We would like to thank the communities in Blairgowrie, Rattray and the Glens for participating in our recent surveys for the local Loyalty Scheme. The surveys have closed and we are delighted that 50 local businesses and 127 consumer households have taken their time to submit their views and provide feedback to a potential loyalty scheme. 


Following the presentations to businesses and consumers in September, we are proceeding with the development of a local Loyalty Scheme and will be spending the rest of the year preparing for a Pilot Programme. Our preparations will focus on configuring the chosen system, training our team on how to use the system and developing instructions for participating consumers and businesses. 

The Pilot is expected to start at the end of January 2019 and will run until the end of March 2019. During that phase we will work with half a dozen businesses and a group of consumers who had registered their interest in participating in a pilot before the loyalty scheme launches to the public in April 2019.

Why do we need a pilot? We need a pilot to test the functionality of the scheme with businesses and consumers alike. Amongst other aspects this will include review of the set up and registration process, how the system works at point of sale in the shop or cafe, what administration efforts are requirements for the HEAT team and for businesses, and more. We want to ensure that we have ironed out any creases before the scheme opens to the wider public. 

If you haven’t already registered your interest in joining the loyalty scheme when we launch in April 2019, please email us at admin@theheatproject.scot